Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Trimmings Challenge is a great way to develop new and healthy habits during the holiday season!

When does it start and how long does it last?

Our Holiday Trimmings Challenge will have a kick-off event on November ? and ? where you can register, learn how to track your miles on the Track Pack-It booklet, ask questions and add-on an InBody Scan for $10.  

The Holiday Trimmings Challenge will be a 4-week program, lasting from Monday, November 22rd until Monday, December 20th. During these 4 weeks, you will have access to exclusive resources and find accountability and motivation with our Facebook group and challenges! We can’t wait to have you on this journey with us! 

How much does Holiday Trimmings Challenge Cost?

Cost for the Holiday Trimmings Challenge will be $15 for Members. For those who are not members of the YMCA, the cost of joining HTC is just $39! You will have full access to the YMCA for those 4-weeks along with the resources included with the Holiday Trimmings Challenge. Registration includes a super-soft HTC T-shirt! We are offering InBoday scans for an add on fee of $10! That is a saving of $15 for all HTC participants. Register HERE

What is an InBody Scan?

What does your weight really represent? When
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with precision and clear objectives. Learn more by clicking here. (An InBody is a $25 value)

How do I track my points/miles?

When you register you will receive a Track Pack-It booklet. This booklet is where you will log the “miles” you have earned for workouts, social responsibility challenges, and more! The “miles” point system for the HTC challenge is listed in the Track Pack-It booklet. You will turn this booklet in after the HTC challenge is complete- so don’t lose it! Check out our point system by clicking HERE!

What is new this year?

• InBody’s will be a $10 add on for members or non-members who want an opportunity to track their progress. That is a total savings of $15! Scans will be at the beginning and at the end of HTC 

• Non-members who wish to become a member (during or after the challenge) will have until the end of December to join with no joiner fee!

• We are adding a “double your miles” challenges each week (each challenge will be worth 200 points!)

Why are workouts different points (classes vs. other workouts)?

All fitness classes are worth 100 “miles” for each class you complete (no matter the length of the class). For example, if you complete a Zumba class you will log 100 “miles” for the day. All other workouts (not fitness classes), whether performed at the Y or at home, are worth 100 “miles” for 30 minutes of exercise. For example, if you run at the Y or at home and the workout takes 60 minutes you will earn 200 “miles” (100 miles for each 30-minutes of exercise). We understand that class sizes are limited during this time and there are people working out at home, so we are respecting that by differentiating the points between fitness classes and self made/self motivated workouts. You can however log more “miles” before or after a fitness class. For example, if run on a treadmill for 30-minutes after a fitness class then you will have logged 100 “miles” for that treadmill workout plus the 100 “miles” for class (200 “miles” total for the day). 

Are there teams this year?

This year there will be no teams during the Holiday Trimmings Challenge. You will be able to see others progress at the YMCA HTC Wall and connect to other on our HTC Facebook Group!


What is the Facebook group? How do I join?

You can search for our group on Facebook “HTC2020” and ask to join. Make sure you are following the Kokomo Family YMCA Facebook page! 

How/Where can I register for the Holiday Trimmings Challenge?

HTC will have a kick-off event in the Lobby at the YMCA on November ? and ? where you can register in-person. If you want to skip the line during the kick-off event, you can pre-register online or in-person at the Wellness Desk or the Membership Desk  starting on November ?.

Register online by clicking here.

What is the Holiday Trimmings Challenge (HTC)?

A 4-week accountability and motivation program designed to keep you on track during the holiday season. Participants will complete exercise and social responsibility challenges that earn them “miles” along their 3,400-mile trip from Kokomo to the North Pole. Every 850 miles a person earns, they will get an entry into a drawing for a 6-month membership to the Y. If participants make it all the way to the North Pole, they will earn FOUR entries into the grand prize drawing! Registration includes a super-soft HTC T-shirt! You can add an In-Body scan for $10! That is a saving for HTC participants of $15!

What does Holiday Trimmings Challenge include?

• Accountability and motivation through the holidays
• Access to a private Facebook group to keep you motivated, find community, recipes, workouts, and more!

• A chance to win a 6-month YMCA membership.

• A super soft T-shirt for all who complete the race to the North Pole!

• We are offering all HTC participants a discounted rate on our InBody scan. This add-on is just $10! That is a savings of $15. Learn more about InBody here

Do I have to be a YMCA Member?

You do not have to be a member at the Kokomo Family YMCA to participate. The cost, as a non-member, is $39/person. During the Holiday Trimmings challenge you will have full-access to the YMCA including group fitness classes, Play & Learn, the Aquatic Center and more!    

Can I do this virtually or workout at home?

Yes, there are points that you can tally when complete a workout from home, walk in your neighborhood, etc. You can earn 100 miles for a 30-minutes at home workout! Earn those miles by completing virtual workouts with Y360 or LesMills! Click here for workout resources.    

Do I have access to any resources during HTC?

Yes, you can have access to online resources like Y360 workouts, Les Mills On Demand workouts, a private Facebook group, health resources, and MORE!     

What are the points for HTC?

Summit = 3400 Miles Total

Reach Summit = 4 Entries into drawing. (Up to 8 entries if you double back)

Point System = 

100 Points = each YMCA class (vitrual or live)  

100 Points30- minute individual workout at home or at the YMCA (can’t be combined with classes)

100 Points = social challenges

25 Points = interaction in FB group (one per day)

25 Points = workout selfie and tagging the Y (on per day)

200 points = “double miles” challenges (pop-up class or other challenge)

If you take a class at the YMCA it ONLY counts as 100 points. If you take a workout class AND walk the track or lift on the wellness floor for 30 minutes THAT counts as 200 points. If you attend the pop-up class it ONLY counts as 200 points.


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