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Week 2 Workout

Week 3 Workout

Week 4 Workout

Double Miles Workout

Week 1 Workout (worth 200 miles)

30 minutes total: 30 seconds active:15 seconds rest each exercise

for AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

Exercises: (Modifications show HERE!)

• Plank into Downward Dog  (Modification: Cat/Cow)

• X-up (Modification: Keep shoulders down/neck relaxed and lift knee or ankle to palm)

• Contralateral Limb Raise (Modification: Bird dog)

• Russian Twist (Modification: Supine Cross Knee)

• Dolphin (Modification: Elbow/Wrist Plank on Knees or Toes)

Double Miles Workout

Week 3 Workout (worth 200 miles)

35 min. AMRAP

30 sec. active;15 sec. rest each exercise

Exercises: (Modifications show HERE!)

(1) Skaters (Modification: Increase/Decrease Speed)
(2) Reverse Lunge w/ Bicep Curl (Modification: Forward Lunge w/ Bicep Curl- weight or no weight; break the moves up one at a time)

(3) Mountain climbers (Modification: Increase/Decrease Speed or standing mountain climbers)

(4) Squat with shoulder press (Modification break the moves up one at a time; wall sit with shoulder press)

(5) Jog in place (Modification: high knee march-no jumping)

Double Miles Workout

Week 4 Workout (worth 200 miles)

40 active:15 rest each exercise

for 2 rounds

Exercises: (Modifications show HERE!)

(1) Pulse Squat (Modification: squat w/alternating heel lift)

(2) 3 step Slide shuffle and back (Modification: Squat and 3 side step and back)

(3) Split Squat Right/left (Modification: regular squat)

(4) Weighted Jumping Jacks (Modification: no weight/and or stepping jacks)

(5) Pushups (Modification: pushups on knees; pushups against a wall)

(6) Burpees (Modification: take out the jump- step out one leg at a time to a plank and then step back up)


Les Mills


Y360 On Demand Workouts

Workout with Y instructors! Y 360 is an online community and a connection to help you live a healthier, stronger life. These virtual classes offer a variety of classes and formats including Bootcamp, Yoga, Barre, and Active Older Adults. Check out the playlists for category-specific workouts to fit your workout level! No matter where you are, your Y community is with you, because a community is always together. 

Y360 On Demand Workouts

As a YMCA Member you can now workout at home with LES MILLS. This platform offers free workout, including BodyCombat, HITT Training, LES MILLS Mindfullness, LES MILLS Training and more.


They say you can’t out-exercise a diet, which is why what you eat and drink is so important to your overall health. Make cooking and eating a fun, family event!

Workouts of the Day

Zumba w/Mike

Barre w/ Joanna

Workouts of the Day

These Workouts of the Day (WODs) are great to do when visitng the YMCA or at home. These workouts can be done with or without weights and can be modified to meet your fitness needs!

Zumba with Mike

It’s here! This condensed version of our Kokomo YMCA Zumba class with Mike let’s you get a quick workout in. If you want to up your game, see how many times you can do it on a loop!


Barre with Joanna

Get a great Barre workout in at home whenever you like! Enjoy our virtual Barre class led by our very own Joanna B.! Barre is a hybrid workout class – combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training with resistance bands and hand weights. No dance experience needed.



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