Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Trimmings Challenge is a great way to develop new and healthy habits during the holiday season!

When does it start and how long does it last?

Our Holiday Trimmings Challenge will have a kick-off event on November 21st where you can register, learn how to earn stars, ask questions and weigh-in!

The Holiday Trimmings Challenge will be a 4-week program, lasting from Monday, November 21st until Monday, December 19th. During these 4 weeks, you will have access to exclusive resources and find accountability and motivation with our Facebook group and challenges! We know this time of year is very busy and challenging, but let’s move for a healthier mind, body and spirit!

How much does Holiday Trimmings Challenge Cost?

Cost for the Holiday Trimmings Challenge will be $15 for Members. For those who are not members of the YMCA, the cost of joining HTC is just $40! You will have full access to the YMCA for those 4-weeks, workout and health resources, a closed Facebook group and a super soft HTC Shirt are all included with the Holiday Trimmings Challenge. Register HERE

How do I track my stars?

When you register you will receive an information booklet and a sheet to track your stars on. This sheet is where you place the stars you have earned for workouts, social responsibility challenges, and more! You can learn more about how to earn stars on the booklet or here! You will turn the sheet in after the HTC challenge is complete- so don’t lose it!

What is new this year?

What is a workout? Sweat Stars?

This challenge is acceessible to everyone, especially during the busy holiday season. We often forget just how important it is to keep our health in focus while we are so focused on everything else. We just want you to take some time for yourself and move each day! Whether you are at the “walk around the block” level or the “training for my next marathon” level, this challenge meets you where you are! So what are we defining as a workout? We just want you to move your body everyday! Working out can be taking the stairs at work everyday instead of the elevator. It can be a 10 minute walk around your neighborhood or YMCA360 yoga video or an hour Zumba class at the YMCA. Raking leaves outside or shoveling snow could be your workout for the day. The options are endless and we will be providing you will workout ideas and options throughout the challenge. We also have a variety of classes at the YMCA that vary by level and time, so you can find one to fit your schedule and your fitness level. Try a class today and you might find friendship and fun! Once you complete your workout (remember no time requirements) you will earn a sweat star.  If you are a rockstar and do two workouts in a day, you will earn two sweat stars. We want you to have fun with this challenge while working on a healthier, happier you! 

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Are there teams this year?

This year there will be no teams during the Holiday Trimmings Challenge. You will be able to see others progress at the YMCA HTC Wall and connect to other on our HTC Facebook Group!


What is the Facebook group? How do I join?

You can search for our group on Facebook “ymcahtc2022” and ask to join. Make sure you are following the Kokomo Family YMCA Facebook page! 

How/Where can I register for the Holiday Trimmings Challenge?

HTC will have a kick-off event in the Lobby at the YMCA on November 21st where you can register in-person. If you want to skip the line during the kick-off event, you can pre-register online or in-person at the Wellness Desk or the Membership Desk  starting on now.

Register online by clicking here.

What is the Holiday Trimmings Challenge (HTC)?

A 4-week accountability and motivation program designed to keep you moving during the holiday season. Participants will complete exercise and social responsibility challenges that earn them “stars”. Every 10 stars a person earns, they will get an entry into a drawing for a 1-month membership to the Y, HelloFresh gift card and other local gift cards. Registration includes a super-soft HTC T-shirt!

What does Holiday Trimmings Challenge include?

• Accountability and motivation through the holidays
• Access to a private Facebook group to keep you motivated, find community, recipes, workouts, and more!

• A chance to win a 1-month YMCA membership, HelloFresh gift card and gift cards from local businesses. 

• A super soft T-shirt!

Do I have to be a YMCA Member?

You do not have to be a member at the Kokomo Family YMCA to participate. The cost, as a non-member, is $40/person. During the Holiday Trimmings challenge you will have full-access to the YMCA including group fitness classes, Play & Learn, the Aquatic Center and more! It is a great deal, so register today!

Can I do this virtually or workout at home?

Yes, there are stars that you can earn when complete a workout from home, walk in your neighborhood, etc. You can earn a sweat star miles for a completed workout at home! Click here for workout resources.

Do I have access to any resources during HTC?

Yes, you can have access to online resources like Y360 workouts, a private Facebook group, health resources, and MORE!

What are the stars for HTC?

Sweat Stars are given when you complete your workout for the day. A workout can be a YMCA class, a guided workout on YMCA360, swimming laps at the pool, walking around your neighboor hood, mowing your yard- the possibilities are endless. There are no time expectations, we just want you to move during this time of year. The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, but we still need to make time to move our bodies! You can earn up to 2 per day (14 per week).

Bonus Stars are given when you complete our bonus start opportunities in areas like fitness, health, social responsibility, and mindfullness.  Max of 3 per week- there will be 6 choices each week on your HTC guide, listed in the FB group and they will be available on our resources page.

Social Stars are given when you participate in our Facebook group or when you tag us in a post on social media! You can earn up to 3 per week!

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