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Race to the North Pole

2021 HTC

with THE Kokomo family YMCA

What is Holiday Trimmings Challenge? HTC is a 4-week accountability and motivation program designed to keep you on track during the holiday season. Participants will complete exercise and social responsibility challenges that earn them “miles” along their 3,400-mile trip from Kokomo to the North Pole. 

Every 850 miles a person earns, they will get an entry into a drawing for a 6-month membership to the Y. If participants make it all the way to the North Pole, they will earn FOUR extra entries into the grand prize drawing! Registration includes a super-soft HTC T-shirt! What are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

What is HTC?

HTC Details


Join the 4-Week Program as a YMCA member or non-member!


Find accountability and motivation through the holidays!


Program runs: November 22 thru December 20th


Chances to win prizes and a 6-month membership!

How to Track

HTC Star System

During your 4-week challenge, you will complete exercise and social responsibility challenges that earn "stars". For every 10 stars you earn, you will receive an entry into a drawing for a 1-month membership to the Y, gift card for Hello Fresh and gift cards to local businesses. Use the Track Pack-It booklet to log the stars you earn! You will receive this booklet when you stop by the YMCA and register on November 21st! You will need to turn in your Track Pack-It after HTC has completed- so don't lose it! This year we will also have opportunities for you to "bonus stars". These opportunities will be classes, challenges, health challenges and more!  


You will earn a Sweat Star when you complete your workout for the day. A workout can be a YMCA class, a guided workout on YMCA360, swimming laps at the pool, walking around your neighbor hood, raking leaves in your yard- the possibilities are endless. There are no time expectations, we just want you to move during this time of year. The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, but we still need to make time to move our bodies!



Social Stars are given when you participate in our private Holiday Trimmings Challenge Facebook group! You can earn up to 3 per week! You can earn a social star by sharing a workout selfie, commenting on a resource we share, sharing a healthy recipe, or encouraging a group member in the comments! You can also check-in a the Kokomo YMCA or tag us in a social media post. These are great oppportunities to earn stars! 



Bonus Stars are given when you complete our bonus star challenge opportunities in areas like fitness, health, social responsibility, and mindfullness. These challenges will be listed on our resources pages. You will have six opportunities each week to earn three bonus starts. These are great opportunities to challenge yourself, try something new and earn starts!


Join Now

Start your health journey today! Join our Holiday Trimmings Challenge! Registration opens on November 15th.